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Singing, playing guitar and writing songs, I started my musical career in a Norwegian all girl Marimba band. 


19 years old I packed up my things and moved to LA where I for five years worked Warner Music as a ghost songwriter.

While learning music production the phenomenal producer Roger Lima at White Noise Lab was both my mentor and boss. I also produced music for Encompass Music Partners as a freelance.

Finally back on European soil me and my musical partner Jan Blumentrath started the label Uhh Ahh records in 2017. When I am not busy producing music I play it with my band Ora the Molecule. I also DJ on the side, with a special passion for the obscure underground 70´s disco scene in the USSR.


I am always up for a cup of coffe and discussions about possible colleborations or just a jam session.


In collaboration with:
Encompass Music Partners
Nerve Management
Entertainment One
HyperExtention LA
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